BBW´s in sports


Diane von Hoffman, USA (wrestling)

Born on April, 13, 1962 in Louisville, Kentucky. Diane started her long wrestling career in 1981.
Her favourite victory came in 1992 when she beat Miss Texas aka. Jacqueline and won the USWA title under
her ring name Moondog Fifi.

Diane von Hoffman (to the right)


Reggie Bennett, USA (wrestling)

Reggie was born in San Diego, California on January, 24, 1961 and began wrestling on the californian independent circuit in
1986. She is best known for her participation in japanese wrestling tournaments such as All Japan women´s pro wrestling.
She won the IWA world women´s championship in May 1995 when she beat Manami Toyota from Japan. One year later
she won the All Pacific championship. Reggie has also participated in movies like Vendetta (1986), Over the top (1987) and
Muscle rock madness (1992).

Reggie Bennett


Sabina Baginska, Poland (weightlifting)

This polish brunette was born on October, 19, 1985 and took her first national polish championship in 2009.

2 years later she won again and in the european championships in Tirana 2013 she won her biggest victory so far 

when,after the ukrainian Czerniawski been disqualified, she took the gold medal in the +75 kg category.


Sabina Baginska




Helena Engman, Sweden (shot put)

Born on June, 16 1976 in Pitea, northern Sweden. Helena got publicity in Sweden when
she defeated the long-term swedish champion Linda-Marie Martensson in 2003. Since then Helena has
dominated the swedish women´s shot put and became the first woman in her home country to throw over
18 meters in 2010. Her best international results is a 9nth place at the european championships in Barcelona
2010 and a 7th place at the indoor european championships in Birmingham 2007.
Helena Engman